VacuMan vacuum pump, w/press.gauge, PVC, 16ml/str.

VacuMan vacuum pump, w/press.gauge, PVC, 16ml/str.
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Order-No.: 56201180 Price on request for 1 piece
Hand pump can be operated with one hand to create a vacuum or pressure, independent of a power supply (e.g. vacuum filtration, taking samples, dissipation of desiccators). Maintenance-free, self-lubricating, mainly corrosion resistant. Connection for hoses with 6.4 mm inner Ø. Available in PVC or aluminium for heavy duty.

With or without gauge

Sampling set with suction hose and sample container and adapter set for hoses from 5 to 14 mm available as accessory

(-) Technical data:
Asepsis: No


  • 56200010
    Adapter set for hoses 5-14 mm, VacuMan
  • 56200020
    Sampling set for VacuMan (hose, sample container)