UX800 Upright ULT-freezer, storage of 616 boxes 2

UX800 Upright ULT-freezer, storage of 616 boxes 2
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Order-No.: UX800 Price on request for 1 package
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LabLow UX700 Upright ULT-freezer, 827 liter volume (-50 to -86°C) with automatic vacuum release, 2 inner doors, maximum storage capacity of 616 boxes (2" / 50 mm), with web-based controller, display in door at eye level, ethernet and USB connection for data communication

•    minimum or maximum temperature exceeded 
•    door alarm 
•    damaged sensor (in cabinet and/or condenser) 
•    battery voltage too low 
•    battery empty 
•    voltage deviation 
•    ambient temperature too high 
•    power fan failure 
•    back up alarm 
•    telephone dialing system alarm. 

The ways in which the freezer alarms: 
•    acoustically via a buzzer 
•    visually in the display by a code and/or LED indication 
•    via an e-mail 
•    via an SMS text message (optional) 
•    via the potential free contact to an external system 
(-) Technical data:
Construction type: Chest
Nominal volume: 616 l
Minimum operating temperature: -86 °C
Maximum operating temperature: -50 °C
Width of workspace: 1,035 m
Height of workspace: 305 mm
Depth of the workspace: 592 mm
Voltage supply: 230 V AC
Width: 1,335 m
Depth: 890 mm
Height: 1,992 m
Number of grids: 28


  • TE62000
    Starter Kit for temperature and moisture logging