TENAK LabMarket has selected a number of manufacturers which are branded as "STAR BRANDS".
The STAR BRANDS are selected based on our long term cooperation with each manufacturer and we have
100% trust in the product quality, service and the support we get. 


A Danish producer of Low and Ultra Low temperature freezers for laboratory use.
Nordic Lab is specialized in small sized and/or
inexpensive freezers which are complementary to the
large sized freezers from all the major freezer brands.

Nordic Lab is not only a supplier but also a sister
company who are member of the same company


The name TENAK is involved in multiple activities and
is a sister company to TENAK LabMarket.

TENAK is a leading manufacturer of inventory systems for use in Ultra Low temperature freezers and LN2 freezers.

TENAK is the largest producer in Europe with customers world wide.
TENAK is a danish based company who
produces all product at its own factories in Denmark and Czech Republic.


Gilson is family-owned company developing liquid handling, purification, and extraction solutions with a focus on helping the life scientist at the bench achieve more productive research and verifiable data.

Since 1957, Gilson has helped researchers advance the pace of discovery by creating human-centered and application-oriented lab tools that improve reproducibility, traceability, and that are easy to use. 


BINDER is a German producer of environmental simulation chambers such as Incubaters, Growth chambers, heating chambers, ULT freezers etc.

BINDER is one of the leading manufacturer within their field. Their products are designed to enable an accurate simulation of biological, chemical, and physical environmental conditions. Their cutting-edge technology and pioneering innovations meets the highest demands from the scientific and industrial users.


Promega is a core supplier in the fight against COVID-19, we serve research, pharmaceutical and diagnostics labs developing testing kits and researching treatment options.

Scientists in research, clinical and pharmaceutical labs around the world are engaged in intensive efforts to understand SARS-CoV-2 biology, and to develop effective testing methods and treatments.

We are committed to supporting their efforts, and continue to increase production of COVID-19 related reagents and instruments in response to this unprecedented global demand.