Welcome to TENAK LabMarket & Co. 

The company named TENAK A/S was founded by Morten Holm in 2002. Over the years the activities has expanded into a group of companies still owned by Morten Holm.

The name TENAK is still the backbone of the activities approaching laboratory professionels, with a wide range of products produced under the TENAK name.

The TENAK LabMarket concept has over the past 10 years proven itself. First the concept was introduced for partners in Africa, but since this "One stop shopping concept" has been introduced to many other regions of the world.

Today we have subsideries in Germany, India, Kenya and will continue to expand our global footprint. 

TENAK is member of the MOHO Group, with also included production companies under the MOHO name and a freezer brand called Nordic Lab. 

In the TENAK LabMarket shop you will find all our brands and products, and lots of other brand and products from recognized European manufacturers. 

We look very much forward working with you.

Morten Holm